At some point everyone has a question about their landscape or what we do. Check here first (the list will be growing) and truly, the first contact for anything is by calling our office phone at (541) 771-8471.

What’s your plant material guarantee policy?

Most of the time, on materials that we install, we guarantee the plant(s) for one year. There are a lot of variables to keeping a landscape alive, and it takes the homeowner doing their part as well to make the project a success.

Who should we contact if we have troubles or questions?

Please call our office first. Jason is the front man for the entire show and has little to no time to be the first to go to with questions. Our crews, as amazing as they are, do not all speak fluent English, so trying to address them while in your yard may be frustrating. We have an amazing lady in our office who loves visiting with our customers, just call her first.

Do you have customer service?

Absolutely! And amazing customer service as long as you get to the right person. Call the office phone at (541) 771-8471.